So you signed your first lease to an apartment! Or maybe you have lived in apartments before, but you are moving to a new place. What better way to know you will have a smooth transition than to know you are fully prepared and ready to take on any challenge that comes with living on your own!

Prior to Moving:

Before you even step foot into your apartment, there are a few steps you need to take. The first is picking your apartment! Maybe you chose your space based on location or price. Maybe you needed a parking spot, or a big enough living room to have all your friends over for Football Sundays. Regardless of the reason that you chose the apartment complex, the thing that matters is that you chose the best place for you! The next important thing prior to moving in is setting up any utilities, bills, or other necessities prior to your move so that your first twenty-four hours go smoothly. Are you responsible for setting up your own electric, cable, internet, water or trash? Make sure you contact the local organizations necessary to get set-up BEFORE moving. Many of these organizations are only open during regular business hours, so you need to plan these activities before moving. If you are moving during a busy time of year, such as at the beginning of a college semester or academic year, then you want to make sure you schedule any activities to happen when it is convenient for you and not the other way around. The final thing you want to make sure you plan prior to moving is your furniture situation!

One of the most convenient ways to furnish your new apartment is to check with friends and family first! You will be surprised just how many resources your family has stored down in the basement. Looking for an extra couch or some silverware for the kitchen? Reach out to your extended family and ask them to donate to the cause. Between your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins you may be able to fill the bulk of your furnishing needs.

Moving Day:

Happy Moving Day! You are so excited to rush into the new space and start filling your closet with all your clothes. But before you do that, you should consider one more planning tip. One of the biggest mistakes you can make on moving day is not to prepare a moving bag! In a reusable grocery bag, you should pack a roll of toilet paper, hand soap, trash bags, bottles of water, snacks, and multipurpose cleaning supplies with paper towels! No matter how clean your apartment is when you first move in, it always helps to bring cleaning supplies with you to help wipe down dusty furniture or appliances that may have not been touched in weeks. And between carrying your stuff up into the apartment you will be happy you brought a bag of refreshments. And between carrying boxes of stuff, and loads of clothes, you will not want to stop what you are doing to unpack boxes looking for those key essentials. So do yourself a favor, pack a moving bag filled with day-of essentials. Also, bring a piece of paper with all of the utility names and numbers, with account information written down and easily accessible! If you set up your services, and once moving you find that there is a problem, you know which company to call for each utility for easy fix.


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