You’ve just left home for the first time and moved into your college dorm to begin your life as a Freshman. Starting this new life can be both exciting and stressful for students in their first year on campus. Just when you begin to learn how to juggle classes, books, tests, and finding time in your busy schedule for leisure, you find out its already time to find an apartment for next year. How does this happen you ask? The demand for living space in areas surrounding a University are so high, that apartments are leased a year in advance or more. We know it is difficult to grasp, but there are ways to best prepare yourself for the leasing season. Here is a list of tips and helpful questions to ask yourself when searching for an apartment to fit your needs.


  • Be Proactive in your search for people to live with. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try to meet other students who are looking for roommates. This helps to share the rent on an apartment. Many websites and student social media groups tackle this type of thing if you just do a simple online search. You can also take advantage of the bulletin boards around campus; they sometimes post contact information for students trying to get a group of roommates together.


  • How many rooms will you need? Talk with your potential roommates and see if they prefer having a room to themselves. Sharing a room can keep rent costs down substantially.


  • Location is an important factor to consider when looking for an apartment. You will want to find an apartment or house where you can walk to any part of the campus. You don’t want to spend hours walking to campus and back several times each day. If you start your search early, you should not have a problem finding a place close enough to any class or activity you have.


  • Get your parents involved, as you will most likely need a cosigner to lease an apartment as a full-time student. Discuss your ideas with them and see if they can help you do a little research as well.


  • Use the search engines to your advantage. No matter what city you live in, a simple google search for “apartments for rent near me” will bring up a wealth of useful information. Visiting a company’s website can answer many of the questions you might have about the properties they own.


 If you do a little research to prepare yourself, it should be easy to find the perfect apartment. Use this guide to start your journey and make the searching process a lot smoother.


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